Eliminate Intuition from Pricing and Contracting Strategies

High Tech manufacturers operate in a global, dynamic, and complex demand chain where margin can be easily siphoned away if core pricing metrics and KPIs are not properly monitored and controlled. Traditional Business Intelligence in many cases fails to deliver simple, meaningful, actionable, and timely answers to business-critical questions throughout the product life cycle.

Model N Price Strategy helps Medical Device pricing executives and P&L owners develop, monitor, and continuously drive optimal pricing strategies. The comprehensive solution eliminates intuition-based pricing, provides actionable guidance on revenue risks, delivers in-depth data mining and advanced scenario simulation and projection, and offers solutions and best practices consulting for advanced price scenario generation.

Model N Price Strategy helps Pricing teams develop, monitor, and continuously drive optimal pricing strategies by manufacturers with with granular price and contract performance insights across all the gross-to-net-price waterfall and providing actionable guidance to address revenue risks across a portfolio of accounts or SKUs.

  • Applications


    • Analytics and Best Practices Consulting

      Model N business consultants can help answer difficult business questions.

      Price Segmentation and Optimization:  Model N segments markets and factors in customer price sensitivity and attributes to generate optimal segment-specific price recommendations.

    • Secure SaaS Delivery

      Model N Cloud lowers total cost of ownership and improves flexibility and efficiency without sacrificing the ability to manage complex data, process, or reporting requirements.

    • Application and Best Practices Training

      Model N empowers teams with analytic techniques to efficiently generate unique insights and drive actions in the field. Education and Training are offered to help the field boost pull-through.

The Model N High Tech Revenue Management Suite enables us to expedite our business cycle and enhance customer satisfaction. The deployment of our digital business platform is a concerted effort to provide our customers with the best service in the industry. Model N has a track record of success and will play a key role in our global sales operations.

Senior VP, Sales and Marketing
ON Semiconductor