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Revenue and channel data is everywhere, but it’s siloed and not smart

cloud computing
  • Too many reports and data sources make it difficult to identify sales and product anomalies and trends.
  • Without accurate insights into deals, you won’t be able to understand why you’re winning or losing.
  • Integrated machine learning and artificial intelligence can help you realize the promise of purpose-built pricing, deal, and channel intelligence.
cloud computing

How Model N Intelligence Cloud helps you

With Intelligence Cloud, you can use advanced analytics, AI, and ML to make smarter deal, quoting, pricing, and channel decisions.


Improve likelihood of success

Visually compare what-if analyses with historical wins, losses, and pricing compliance.


Make smarter decisions

Win more deals and better forecast quotes and channel business.


Price with confidence

Use AI/ML data analyses to identify optimal price ranges and the likelihood of expected business.


Commercial enterprise apps will use AI by 2021, according to IDC

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Product features


Contract performance metrics dashboard

Facilitates report out of critical financial data related to sales and revenue and provides insights on various aspects of business performance.

Supercharge your revenue analytics

Model N Intelligence Cloud enables smarter, data-informed decisions and intelligent actions that help you maximize every revenue moment.

Real-time insights and analytics

Leverage a broad range of modern analytics built specifically for your sales, channel, pricing, and deal teams.

Data in one place

Access all your revenue and channel data securely from anytime, anywhere.

Model N integration

Seamlessly integrate purpose-built deal, pricing, and channel analytics into your Model N Revenue Cloud, Channel Data Management, and Rebate Management.

Intelligence Cloud for Life Sciences

Make important business decisions that will help you succeed in life sciences today and in the future.

Global Pricing Intelligence

Global Pricing Intelligence provides real-time visibility into impact of bid evaluation using predictive analytics and intelligence.

Global Tender Management Intelligence

GTM Intelligence provides advanced analytics, simulations and intelligence supporting pricing, commercial excellence, finance and supply chain insights.

Government Intelligence

Government Intelligence enables Medicaid analysts to generate self-service reports for rebates paid to different states for different programs. It enables analyst to understand the calculations and create trend graphs for price changes over time.

Payer Intelligence

Payer Intelligence gives pharma managed care contracting and sales leaders access to rich contracting and utilization data through a centralized view into how their contracted managed care business is performing across multiple dimensions.

Provider Intelligence

Provider Intelligence enables dynamic pricing and analysis capabilities, and helps develop, monitor, and drive optimal pricing strategies by leveraging the wealth of revenue management data.

Intelligence Cloud for High Tech

Make better business decisions with predictive analytics and AI/ML built directly into your critical, end-to-end revenue management platform.

Channel Intelligence

Intelligence Cloud offers predicative analytics and AI/ML built into your critical end-to-end revenue management processes from Model N.

Deal Intelligence

Deal Intelligence brings real-time, operational business intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to the price negotiation process.

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Price Intelligence

Price Intelligence brings immediate business intelligence into the price performance negotiation process with advanced customer and quote analytics.

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