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Business Services for Life Sciences

Transform your business with specialized expertise, process enhancements, and innovative technology.

Expand your team’s industry and compliance knowledge

Our advisors and pricing and contracts operations team help you solve contract complexities, close resource gaps, and address technology limitations.

  • Our specialists have backgrounds in government programs, commercial contracting, finance, technology, and data analytics.
  • Along with understanding procedure, we have deep knowledge of the correlation between third-party contracts and government programs
  • Our multi-services, cloud technology platform delivers data security, scalability, and highly efficient data processing.
  • We assess risk to understand implications and build methodologies to mitigate risk and increase oversight.

Break down silos and bridge knowledge gaps

Instead of navigating antiquated systems, manual processes, and disparate reporting, spend your valuable time acting on insights that will drive improved commercial performance.

A flexible foundation

By investing in a scalable infrastructure that’s designed for modern commercial operations, you can readily adjust to business changes and evolving regulations.

Experience that feels like an extension of your team

With access to an operations center developed for government pricing and contracting, you can bridge knowledge gaps and transition employees from tactical to strategic commercial activities.

Minimal business disruption

Purpose-built for the cloud, our technology platform enables flexibility, scalability, seamless upgrades, and lower total cost of ownership.

Greater clarity with complete control

Integrate commercial and government data for reporting, discovery, analysis, and decision-making – and access and share this vital information through desktop and mobile-enabled portals.

A risk-based approach to data security

SOC assessments and reports, coupled with ongoing data security monitoring, deliver the required controls to address your business and compliance audit requirements.

Pricing and contracting applications

Government pricing

Correctly and consistently calculate, report, and verify prices in a timely manner.

Medicaid claims

Efficiently process and pay government invoices.

Rebate and fees

Reduce the challenges associated with verifying scripts and calculating rebates.


Maintain compliance with contract terms and conditions to avoid revenue leakage.


Mitigate issues and solidify compliance with government programs.

Gross to net

Extend your finance and accounting team’s capabilities with repeatable gross-to-net estimation, financial close, and business insights.

Drive growth and market share

Model N combines our government pricing, commercial contracting, and analytics applications with specialized expertise in finance, data analytics, and managed services to bring you an end-to-end solution that mitigates risk and improves commercial operations.

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