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Customer successes

"Working with Model N Business Services allows me to build out my team around strategic processes rather than administrative work."

Yvonne Hilsky, Head of U.S. Market Access, Moderna

Free your team to focus on strategy and increase your operational flexibility.

  • Maintain efficiency at scale from pre-commercial to enterprise.
  • Increase visibility and reduce regulatory risk
  • Improve accuracy in claims processing, rebate calculations, verifications, and reporting.

Pricing and contracting applications

Our multi-services technology solution and industry experts uniformly apply pricing, contracting, and analytics processes across your organization.

Government pricing

Correctly and consistently calculate, report, and verify prices in a timely manner.

Medicaid claims

Efficiently process and pay government invoices.

Rebate and fees

Reduce the challenges associated with verifying scripts and calculating rebates.


Maintain compliance with contract terms and conditions to avoid revenue leakage.


Mitigate issues and solidify compliance with government programs.

Gross to net

Extend your finance and accounting team’s capabilities with repeatable gross-to-net estimation, financial close, and business insights.

Managed services

Address the increasing calls for drug price transparency with an end-to-end business process outsourcing solution leveraging our purpose-built technology.

Why choose Business Services for Life Sciences?

Deep industry insight

Enhance your team with government programs, commercial contracting, finance, and analytics expertise.

Continuous improvement

Respond to business, market, and regulatory changes.

Support for innovation and business growth

Focus on critical business needs while ensuring your revenue functions are professionally managed.

Better business decisions

Access meaningful and actionable insights to better forecast market potential, identify opportunities, and improve contract performance.

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Achieve operational excellence.

Let our industry experts manage your commercial operations and compliance processes.


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