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Model N Payment Management

Companies are increasingly challenged with automating and paying multi-tier channels and indirect partners

  • Cumbersome manual payment generation add additional effort for finance and other teams.
  • Payment complexity and lack of audits for partners make payments difficult, time consuming and error-prone.
  • Lack of transparency in paying partners impacts retention, trust and goodwill.

How Model N’s Payment Management solution helps you

Payment Management gives you the power to decrease price erosion and optimize 100% of your product’s global revenue.


Payment accuracy and automation

Model N Payment Management helps you better manage partner and channel payments automatically.

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Decreased Operational Overhead

Manage partner payments process from management to funding to validation of payment.


Generate Instant Payments

Quickly and accurately initiate payments for global partners supporting 140 currencies.


Improve Payment Visibility and Control

Provide finance and channel sales with a complete view of incentive and rebate payments across the organization.


of executives recently surveyed report issues with their partner payments.

Product Features

Ensure your incentives and rebates are paid accurately, on-time and efficiently with a comprehensive payment solution from Model N.


Mass Payment Release

Reduce administrative burdens with the ability to schedule and release payments en masse to all validated and approved parties.

Automated and Accurate Payments

Payment Management automates the lifecycle of partner payments from calculating, funding, and processing payments.

Manage Complex Payments

Payment Management offer real-time transparency and visibility in managing global partner payments.

Seamless Payments

Clear approval and workflow processes reduces overpayments and ensures timely payment via automate payment calculations, funding, and processing.

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Lower Payment Fees

Payment Management consolidates and manages payments to lower processing fees.

Model N’s Payment Management automates and simplifies partner payments

  • Track Co-Op Earnings:
    Model N’s Payment Management offers the unique ability to consolidate, prepare, fund and track partner payments.
  • Single, Integrated Platform:
    Model N’s Payment Management seamlessly integrates with Rebate and MDF Management for a straightforward and transparent incentives

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