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Pharma companies pay an average 25 to 31% of their revenue in rebates with heavy penalties for late payments.

  • Accurate, timely rebate and fee validation, calculation, and settlement are crucial to maintaining profitability.
  • Rebates are becoming more innovative and value-based, creating operationally complex agreements that are difficult to execute.
  • Treatment methodologies are becoming complicated and complex, impacting claims processing.
  • As exposure to regulatory programs grows, the risk of overpayments doubles.
  • Manual processes and disconnected spreadsheet-based tools hamper efforts to navigate complex requirements for formulary, market share, and price protection calculations.

How Model N Payer Management solution helps you

With Payer Management, you can optimize revenue and ensure compliance with your payer agreements.

reduced risk

Increased visibility

Gain visibility and control into your payer revenue management process to ensure the right payers are getting the right discounts.


Improved margins

Maximize revenue by reducing rebate overpayments and rejecting invalid claims.

channel data

Reduced effort

Rely on a single platform for handling all aspects of contracts and pricing management, formulary management, and plan management.



Ability to scale to the most demanding needs of the largest manufacturers in the world. From managing PBMs to Plan relationships and executing simple to complex rebate programs.

Trusted by leading pharma innovators

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Maximize revenue with a comprehensive, cloud-based solution

Model N Payer Management with Validata offers value beyond pricing by supporting flexible contracts, enforcing agreement terms, and delivering robust analytics for payments and reporting.

New price protection calculation results screen

Gain visibility into the entire price protection calculation and the results of the evaluation.

Strategy designer

Leverage key data (prescription, sales, clinical, etc.) to build strategies for creating and implementing pricing, rebates, and accurate calculations.

Templates and clauses

Improve governance and reduce exposure to risk with preapproved contract templates and clauses, approval workflows, and version tracking.

Single repository

Reduce manual effort by keeping all structured contract documents in a single location.

Data visibility

Determine effectiveness and accuracy with a clear line of sight into claims processing.

Streamline and automate your entire revenue management process


Model N Payer Management is the only end-to-end industry-leading payer management solution. It is a core component of Model N Revenue Cloud for Pharma, a suite of the most comprehensive solutions that meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

  • End revenue leakage in payer contacting and rebating processes.
  • Optimize 100% of your global revenue with detailed visibility across all channels. 
  • Ensure contract compliance.
  • Remain focused on bringing innovative, life-changing products to market.
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