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Maintaining compliance across a range of government regulations has become increasingly complex as the life sciences industry evolves

  • Slight errors in calculations can cause millions of dollars in overpayments or result in costly overcharge penalties.
  • The potential threat of noncompliance can translate into large fines tarnishing your brand.

The benefits of Model N’s Government Pricing solution

Model N’s Government Pricing helps confidently structure innovative price and rebate incentives across channels, customers, and geographies.


Align commercial and government pricing

Construct auditable, reproducible version-controlled methodologies for government pricing policies.


Ensure timely payments and reporting

Accurately calculate every transaction, price, rebate, and adjustment that could impact monthly and quarterly reporting.


Reduce risk of noncompliance

Ensure regulatory and operational compliance with full reproducibility, an audit trail, reporting, and analysis.

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Product features


A scalable, accurate government pricing solution

Government Pricing manages complex government price reporting and accurately and efficiently calculates prices – while providing transaction-level visibility.

Regulatory Update Packs (RUPs)

Ensure compliance with current guidance. RUPs contain the software and documentation necessary to update and process based on the latest regulatory changes.

Support for complexities

Define product blending for relabels, authorized generics, linked National Drug Codes (NDCs), and custom packs.

Bundle reallocation

Reallocate complex discount bundle situations through easily configurable rules.

Formula builder

Leverage preconfigured price types or model price types through the flexible formula builder.

Government price reporting management

Meet monthly and quarterly requirements for average manufacturer price (AMP), best price (BP), average sales price (ASP), federal ceiling price (FCP), non-federal average manufacturer price (NFAMP), and U.S. Public Health Service (PHS).

Model N Government Pricing solution add-ons

Make your government pricing solution even more powerful.

Model N Alerts Management

Built to promote cross-functional communication and awareness of important events across the entire organization. The alerts are fully configurable to ensure they’re tailored to meet the unique needs of each organization.

Discount Reallocation Management (DRM)

Remain compliant with the mandates for bundled drug sales outlined in the Deficit Reduction Act.

  • Confidently execute complex contracting strategies knowing the resulting discounts will be properly reported.
  • Reallocate discounts associated with one set of transactions for products, customers, or timeframes to a different set of products, customers or timeframes.

Model N's unique approach to improving your entire revenue management process

revenue management

From sales and marketing, to finance and contracting, to legal and regulatory, Revenue Cloud transforms your business to drive growth and improve margins.

  • With Revenue Cloud for Pharma, manufacturers can ensure global growth is achieved profitably and compliantly as the pharmaceutical landscape evolves.
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