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At Model N, we achieve great things together.

Our success is built on the strength of our people, and we’re proud to be a place where every employee can do the best work of their career.

Model N Board of Directors Named a Finalist in the NACD 2023 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Awards

Together is what powers us.

Our diverse backgrounds, experiences, and expertise ensure we’re meeting our toughest challenges with innovative, creative solutions.

That’s how we enable our customers to bring life-changing products to the world.

At Model N, we know that diverse perspectives drive collective success.

We believe in building an inclusive team of talented people who help our customers deliver life-changing products to the world. We are committed to a culture of belonging where each Model N’er is respected, championed, and recognized for bringing their unique N factor to their work every day.

Together we have fun

We know how to build strong, transparent relationships even when we’re miles – or half a world – apart. We make it a priority to connect with one another through fun and educational events and shared celebrations.

Together we take care

We make wellness and balance a priority to ensure our employees take care of themselves and feel as productive as possible.  To meet these goals, we practice No Meeting Wednesdays, ensure healthy email and meeting etiquette, and offer a variety of health and wellness offerings to make sure our employees feel successful and strong.

Together we belong

As a company, we foster a work environment where diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are defining characteristics of every employee's work experience. We are proud of our initiatives to create opportunities and connection for everyone, including Employee Affinity Groups, our commitment to 100% pay parity across gender and ethnicity and programs that build our sense of community.   

The diversity of our employee population, which we like to refer to as each employee’s unique N Factor, is what makes us stronger and more successful as a company.

Model N’s Diversity Goals

We have strengthened our commitment to diversity with targeted goals and holding ourselves accountable for positive action and change over the next five years.

By the end of 2026, we strive to:

  • Increase our Black representation in the U.S. to 6%
  • Increase our Hispanic/Latinx representation in the U.S. to 6.5%
  • Increase our Indigenous Peoples representation in the U.S. to 1%
  • Increase the representation of women at all levels globally to 50%

Together we deliver excellence

We DARE to bring our very best, every day


We empower each other to reach for new possibilities

  • We challenge the status quo, bring forth new ideas, and enact change.
  • We take smart risks and learn from our mistakes.


Working collaboratively, we achieve great things together

  • We bring employee, customer, and partner voices together to achieve our common goals.
  • We foster strong, trusting relationships through transparent, honest communication.


We cultivate an inclusive workplace committed to supporting the uniqueness of every individual

  • We recognize, celebrate, and embrace the diverse identities, experiences, and expertise of each of our employees because we value diversity as a strength.
  • We focus on doing the right thing, and our decisions are guided by empathy and thoughtful consideration of one another.


We deliver exceptional value for our customers and succeed together as a team

  • We show up every day ready to deliver our best for one another, so that we can exceed customer expectations.
  • We hold ourselves accountable to one another and take personal responsibility for achieving results.

Together we can do great things.

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