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From developing and executing pricing, contracts, incentives, to rebates and regulatory compliance, our Revenue Cloud delivers a single, integrated platform for managing every dollar that impacts your business’s top-line. LEARN MORE
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Transforming the revenue lifecycle to drive growth

Transform the revenue lifecycle into a strategic, end-to-end process aligned across the enterprise, with Salesforce-native applications that automate and streamline critical business processes and provide the visibility and actionable insight needed to maximize revenues.


Control your global gross-to-net and guarantee measurable ROI

Our pharma revenue management cloud suite enables you to maximize revenue and minimize compliance risk across your product portfolios, customer channels, and geographies. It delivers measurable ROI through the industry’s only end-to-end set of applications designed to manage your gross-to-net lifecycle, with embedded pharmaceutical industry best practices that are tightly integrated with robust analytics.


End-to-End Solution to Align Pricing, Quoting,

The Model N MedTech suite is the only Salesforce1 native, enterprise-grade CPQ solution designed to address the unique industry needs of MedTech companies like yours. With a suite of solutions that extends from a configure, pricing, and quoting solution for your sales team to pricing, contract, compliance, and incentive management for your contract ops teams, the MedTech suite minimizes price leakage by incorporating robust workflows and analytics based on MedTech industry best practices.


Enhance Channel Sales Visibility and Increase Partner Productivity

Model N’s cloud-based Channel Data Management solution provides manufacturers with visibility into every distributor, reseller, ODM, OEM and end-customer in every transaction, with real-time channel information to anticipate ongoing and changing channel business needs and global market requirements.

Maximizing Revenue for Leading Companies

With over 49,000 users across 100 countries, our Revenue Cloud platform is transforming businesses across the Pharma, Manufacturing, MedTech, Services, Media, Communications and High Tech industries. Managing billions of dollars in revenue, our solutions allow our customers to focus on the right opportunities and strategies for improving margins.

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