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Companies are increasingly challenged with managing effective rebate programs and partner engagement

  • Align partners and customers with unified sales goals.
  • Reduce revenue leakage and improve margins.
  • Improve visibility, efficiency and control over rebate programs.
  • Lower program administration and resource costs.
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Engage more channels – drive more revenue

Model N Rebate Management helps you better engage your channels to improve and optimize revenue with effective and measurable incentive programs.


Reduce revenue leakage and increase sales

Easily match claims and sales data to reduce over-payments providing more accurate and effective strategies.

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Improve visibility and control

Provide channel, sales, and marketing with a complete view of rebates and channel incentives across the organization, a particular partner or customer.

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More automation – lower administration

Significantly reduce the manual administration and costs required to enable successful rebates by automating complex rebate earning and payment calculations.


Of executives shared that incentives and rebates are a challenge for their organizations

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Intelligently manage channel programs

Rebate Management offers automated incentive management eliminating manual processes with templates, accelerators, insights, automatic payment generation and more.

Calculation Engine

Manage transactions, calculate earnings and send payment information with a robust calculation engine that always ensures you optimize margin and eliminate overpayments.

Mass Automated Letter Generation

Faster channel compliance. Automatically create proposal and program letters or packets for any new or updated active rebate programs.

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Model N Author

Enables the creation of templates for users to compose or assemble legal documents such as NDAs, sales contracts, proposals, and rebate program letters.

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New Milestone-based Initiatives

Milestone-based initiatives allow teams to build revenue and non-revenue qualifications in a single incentive program like activities, partner milestones and points.

Better modelling and management

Model N Rebate Management empowers companies to better model and manage the increasingly complex incentives required to influence partner buying patterns.

Single source of truth

Rebate Management is your single source of truth for all rebates and incentives initiatives linking MDFs and channel sales data together.

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Speed and simplicity

Rebate Management delivers automation and speed in managing rebate calculations and payments no matter what the volume.

Self-service portal

Model N Rebate Management provides a portal for your channel partners to report the progress and see their attainment.

Front and back office integration

Integrate Rebate Management with ERP solutions like SAP and Oracle out of the box and Model N Revenue Cloud.

Model N’s unique approach to managing your rebates

  • Configurable rebate builder: Enables speed to market new incentive types.
  • Scalability: Grows with business volume without sacrificing performance.
  • Single, Integrated Platform : Provides platform data consistency in MDF and channel data.
  • Transparency of Calculations: Provides necessary transparency in reconciliation and audit.
  • Automated Partner Communications: Create and automate letter generation to communicate to partners.
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