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Model N’s Deal Management solution delivers increased efficiency and alignment between sales and operations teams for Life Science manufacturers.

  • Siloed processes and manual spreadsheets cannot stand up to today’s demands for speed and transparency.
  • Identifying the right price for the right product at the right time requires visibility into customer memberships, pricing tiers, and past performance.
  • Sales teams need real-time intelligence to drive the best deals that align with pricing and portfolio strategies.

How Model N’s Deal Management solution helps you

With Deal Management, you can revamp and unite aging back office and manual commercial systems and build upon core platforms to share data with sales teams in the field.

data grid

Enhanced collaboration

Connect the front and back office to link every aspect of commercial transactions, internally and across channels.


Increased visibility

Gain insight into every transaction, approval, outcome, and downstream impact.


Reduced risk

Ensure every customer gets the right price the first time.


Greater efficiency

Enable consistency, compliance, and accuracy across all of your contracting and tender management processes.

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Drive greater visibility

Deal Management is a SaaS solution for front and back office that helps you master the today’s trends and prepare for tomorrow.


Mass price change

Quickly respond to changes in the market or across your strategic priorities with mass deal updates. Update prices in real-time across all deals and debits, allowing you to capture revenue and demand.

Drive greater visibility

Deal Management is a SaaS solution for front and back office that helps you master the today’s trends and prepare for tomorrow.

Seamless provider management integration

Provide real-time price and membership visibility, plus actionable analytics, to your sales teams.

Intelligent analytics, dashboards and reports

Generate insights into contract performance, pricing, and benchmarks so you can make better business decisions.

End-to-end, modern platform

Ensure commercial excellence with a single system of record for customer pricing that complements investments in other enterprise technology platforms.

Achieve global commercial excellence


Model N Deal Management is a component of Model N’s Revenue Cloud for Medtech, a suite of the most comprehensive solutions to address the needs of the medtech industry.

  • End revenue leakage in payer and provider contract pricing and rebating processes. 
  • Win, and retain, more profitable bids and tenders.
  • Facilitate timely and accurate data exchanges among your providers and distributors.

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