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Pharma manufacturers face the problem of paying unauthorized rebates to third-party payers for prescriptions bought at a 340B discount.

Pharmacist checking prescription inventory

Companies are increasingly challenged with automating and paying multi-tier channels and indirect partners

  • No simple linkage between sales and dispensing transactions means companies cannot easily determine if stock was acquired at 340B prices.
  • As part of rebate contracts, payers submit transactions that were dispensed by pharmacies using product acquired at 340B prices.
  • With heavy discounting and penny pricing, manufacturers may pay more in discounts than the drug’s original price, albeit to multiple entities.
Pharmacist checking prescription inventory

The benefits of Model N 340B Vigilance

Model N 340B Vigilance helps reduce the problem of duplicate discounts.


Gain insight into 340B discounts

Evaluate rebate submission data to identify prescription transactions with a high likelihood of being dispensed with 340B-priced product.

data grid

Ensure compliance

Continuously monitor compliance with the 340B Drug Pricing Program.


Optimize revenue

Avoid revenue loss resulting from double or triple dipping

Product Features

Transaction file processing

Integrate with the Validata Medicaid add-on to leverage its severity and validation set features when processing commercial and Medicaid submission data.

Validations with probabilistic risk assessments

Use definitive submission or predictive identification by leading industry partners to enable proactive disposition.

Duplicate discount-related reporting

Receive summaries of 340B duplicate discount assessments, reports on integrated validation errors, and seamless reconciliation detail file generation with 340B-related reconciliation reason codes.


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