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Companies are challenged to manage indirect channel sales data using inadequate solutions and manually intensive processes

  • Increase channel revenue with timely accurate location-based channel data.
  • Don’t overpay or underpay sales and your channel using inconsistent or bad data.
  • Ensure your sales team spends time on selling and not on when or what they’ll be paid.
  • Create a channel and sales team free from distractions and noise surrounding channel data you can trust.



Trust your Channel Data

Trust your channel data – replace human and error-prone data with automated, timely and complete insights.


Track and understand channel sales

Track and understand channel sales - validate and pay sales and channel incentives CDM automates the collection, enrichment, normalization and enablement of channel partners and their data.


Identify sales and marketing trends

Model N offers a single product architecture providing true end-to-end channel management for improved channel performance.


Increase channel revenue forecasting and reporting

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Customer Success


“Model N helps us manage our channel so we can drive more revenue – it’s all about the global channel and with CDM, we can engage them all around the world.” -John Stage, Business Analytics Manager, AMD

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Reliable, consistent and automated channel sales data

CDM allows you to reap the benefits of accurate, consistent and actionable channel data.


Channel Collaboration

Model N’s Channel Collaboration is the partner portal for CDM, offering real-time data collection, standardization, and insights that help manufacturers validate channel partner data – including inventory, point of sale (POS), end-customer price points, and more.


Active Partner Management

Leading white glove service for activating, onboarding and following up with all channel partners regarding submission requirements around channel data which impact critical channel programs.

Revenue Integrations

End-to-end integrations across your revenue management workflows, flexibly feeding into your process for quoting, pricing, channel management, inventory management, and incentives management.

Off-line bulk data cleansing

Seamlessly manage channel data corrections while in the field. Channel Collaboration provides self-service capabilities allowing partners to better manage data automation and visibility across the channel.

Self-service portal

Channel Collaboration provides a self-service portal enabling partners to provide better channel data with faster and more accurate processes.

Partner compliance

CDM offers new communication options and streamlines data exchange while increasing partner compliance.

Unrivaled automation

Model N offers unrivaled, state-of-the-art, cloud-based data cleansing, matching, validation, and enrichment so your organization doesn’t have to.

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Timely and trusted data

CDM provides consistent, accurate and granular data providing sales, finance and marketing with trustworthy and reliable information.

Automated partner onboarding

Model N offers automated and streamlined channel partner onboarding and management services to reduce your team's workload.

Intelligent and actionable insights

CDM brings real-time channel insights into sales, partner and global performance with purpose-built dashboards and reports eliminating reporting guesswork.

Model N’s unique approach to CDM is founded on automation, granularity and partner services

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  • CDM fully automates the collection and management of point-of-sale (POS), Inventory and Claims data with limited human intervention to provide 98+% accuracy.
  • CDM accurately provides, granular and actionable data when you need it - hourly, daily or weekly.
  • CDM brings modern analytics with real-time dashboards and reports into channel revenue and performance.
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