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Model N Channel Management automates channel operations related to discount incentives, price protections, and stock rotations

Eliminating revenue leakage while ensuring that your channel partners can rely on you to be easy to do business with.

  • Create and execute incentive programs, like Ship &Debit, that automatically matches claims data with sales data. Reducing overpayments and leakage.
  • Access channel inventories ensuring that special pricing authorizations are used appropriately, reducing revenue.leakage.
  • Create price protection programs for products.
  • Execute stock rotations for obsolete products.

Product benefits

Channel Management automates channel sales and inventory activities, increasing sales revenues Automating end-to-end channel sales operations increases top line revenue, improves partner retention and reduces margin erosion.


Increase top line revenue

Automating channel processes, like quoting, eliminates disruption in the selling process. This streamlined process ensures that you get a winning price to customers and prospects on time. Increasing win rates and top line revenue.


Reduce overpayments and increase velocity

Automatically validating sales data against claims data helps eliminate overpayments. Also, processing claims quickly and accurately eliminates costly manual intervention and ensures you are responsive to your partners. This keeps costs down and transaction velocity high.

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Enhanced partner experience

Automating channel sales processes makes it easy for partners to do business with you. When partners know that you will respond quickly to requests, proactively manage inventory, and accurately pay claims on time, they increase doing business with you.


Reduction in quote cycle times


Win Rates


Reduction in discounts paid

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Model N’s Channel Management solution automates channel sales, incentive, and inventory processes

With Model N Channel Management organizations can automate common channel processes for sales, incentives, and inventory. This increases funnel velocity, reduces overpayments, and accelerates inventory more effectively through the channel.


Mass price change

Quickly respond to changes in the market or across your strategic priorities with mass deal updates. Update prices in real-time across all deals and debits, allowing you to capture revenue and demand.

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Channel quoting

Channel partners can request quotes directly. Based on your current agreements with each partner their quote requests can be filled automatically creating a very efficient sales process.

Incentive management

Automate the discount incentive processes like Ship & Debit or Special Pricing Agreements. We also automate claims matching with sales data so that you don’t overpay and your partners are paid quickly and accurately.

Inventory tracking

Track channel inventory levels to determine inventory deferred revenue, eligibility for debits, and available quantity and value. You can also dynamically apply pricing policies based on inventory lifecycle or age allowing to more effectively sell channel inventory.

Deductions Management

Properly forecast financial outlays to the channel, understand and apply claims, accruals and deductions across the channel by order and invoice.

Ship & Debit

Define and process ship & debit programs across your distributor network. Impact cashflow though managing distributor book cost, POS validations and credit claims.

Model N’s Channel Management solution automates sales, incentives, and inventory

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Automating channel management processes creates increased funnel velocity, reduced revenue leakage, and improved partner experiences through:

  • Automated channel quoting.
  • Discount incentive programs that automatically match sales and claims data.
  • Real-time channel inventory visibility enabling you to price strategically, eliminating unnecessary discounting.
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