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Accelerate business agility and profitability by automating the pricing process

Manufacturers need to update list prices for their product catalog regularly to stay in pace with the market and aligned to their pricing strategy. Price updates become arduous due to current pricing maintenance methods, which are disjointed and difficult to enforce policies or track changes.

  • For manufacturers, any move in price can have cascading impacts to margin.
  • Making any pricing changes can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be.
  • An auditable pricing process enables swift root cause analysis. 

Results that speak for themselves


6% increase in wholesale prices into the channel leading to 15.2% growth in revenue and 22% increase in gross margins.


“Our pricing team is now doing more strategic review of pricing, but eventually we’d like to automate the entire workflow.”
– Lizzie Geismar, Strategic Marketing, KYOCERA AVX

"Markets are changing faster than ever, which means the need for flexible price management is crucial. It may seem simple to change a price, but it’s never one price. There are many price lists for thousands of products in several channels across regions. Traditional solutions can work when prices don’t change often, but today’s reality requires efficient and automated tools to rapidly and effectively coordinate all price changes simultaneously."

Mark Stiving, Chief Pricing Educator, Impact Pricing LLC

The benefits of Model N Price Management


End-to-end Pricing Lifecycle Management

List price setting adjustments need to be made within business validation constraints. Pricing teams must take into account many variables to ensure growth and profitability.


Time savings & efficiency

Workflow configuration, filters and formulas can accelerate pricing. Pricing activities are routed through approved workflows, revenue teams spend less time on the mundane and more time on the strategic.

channel management

Automated & auditable

Define authority across your team, ensure data privacy, and enforce access controls. Price change automations kick-in for workflows, approvals, and price table publishing.


1% increase in price can lead to an 11% improvement in margin 

– Harvard Business Review

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The features of Model N Price Management

Seamlessly integrated to Model N Deal Management & Channel Management. Streamlined pricing that helps manufacturers keep prices up-to-date and ensures seamless price execution across the market.

Price Setting & Change Requests

Initiate price change requests. Use formulas, filters, and rules to adjust price points for market execution.

Multi-Step Workflow & Approval

Trackable and auditable workflows for pricing activity, initiate price changes, approve and publish.

Strategic Business Validations

Define corporate objectives and validate all price change requests against defined data validations and rules.

Automated Price Management

Select products and price points to review, perform price change requests, submit for approval, and publish.

Import/Export External Data

Easily export any price point for a given product and seamlessly import new prices for price table publishing.

Integrated Price Execution

Propagate pricing across the waterfall; list price, quotes, orders, debits, price protections, and distributor book.

Integrated into the leading price execution system for semiconductor and electronic component manufacturing companies

The complete and connected end-to-end pricing process so price changes are analyzed, reviewed, and published with respect to their impact to price tables, quotes, debits, and price protection programs.

  • Quote and negotiation pricing
  • Channel and order pricing
  • Distributor and ship & debit pricing

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