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Pharma manufacturers have hundreds of contracts with different payers – creating a complex web of rebates that’s challenging to manage.

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  • Valid rebate claims data is essential to ensuring accurate and timely payments and maximizing revenue.
  • Payers often provide low-quality and inconsistent rebate claims data that’s erroneous and uniquely formatted.
  • Rebates and therapies are becoming more complex, driving complexities in claims data used for rebate processing.
  • Overpayment risk increases with exposure to overlapping payer and regulatory markets.
Analyzing samples

How Model N Validata solution helps you

When used with Model N Payer Management, Validata helps protect your bottom line by ensuring invalid claims are efficiently and effectively scrubbed from payers’ claims data.


Increased confidence

Optimize your revenue by ensuring you’re only paying the right claims, at the right time, for the right amount.


Reduced risk

Validate payer rebate claims, identify duplicates, and reduce claims if payments were made to the wrong market segment.

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Greater flexibility

Manage multiple file formats, and configure validations to meet the specific requirements of your business’s needs.


Increased efficiency

Keep your claim validation activities running smoothly to ensure compliance and auditability and manage leakage.

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Maximize managed care revenue

Model N Validata uses cloud-based technology to deliver a reliable solution for improving rebate and payment accuracy.

Script-level validation

Resolve the errors and ambiguity of payer data in processing managed care, Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, and coverage gap rebates.

Self-service dashboards and reports

Generate insights into contract performance and compliance, and gain visibility into new channels and opportunities.

Single, easy-to-use interface

Centrally locate and manage data and reporting, enabling users to be more productive and process claims properly and in a timely manner.

Streamline and automate your entire revenue management process

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As the industry’s leading script-validation tool, Model N Validata enforces agreement terms by validating all payer and payer-like claims data. Validata works with Model N Payer Management to enable pharmaceutical manufacturers to reduce risk and maximize revenue by preventing costly errors, late fees, and overpayments.

  • Accurately identify duplicate and erroneous claims.
  • End revenue leakage in payer contracting and rebating processes.
  • Optimize 100% of your global revenue with detailed visibility across all channels.
  • Ensure adherence to complex government pricing regulations.
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