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"“Working with Model N Business Services allows me to build out my team around strategic processes rather than administrative work.” "

Yvonne Hilsky, Head of U.S. Market Access, Moderna

Model N State Price Transparency Management

Navigating through the disparate pricing regulations on a state-by-state level can be challenging and time consuming.  Model N State Price Transparency Management delivers the right balance of automation, flexibility, and diligence to ensure price transparency reporting is accurate and delivered on time.  Examples include the ability to:

  • Manage legislation rules
  • Define state-specific report content and formats
  • Auto-generate reports
  • Enable cross-departmental visibility and collaboration

Support state-by-state price regulations with an automated process and reduce the manual burden

Generate and deliver all reports on time and with the data and formatting required per each state


  • Track and record all activity in a single application for simplified evidence collection in the event of an audit.
  • Reproduce previously created reports for on-demand access.

Report templates and on-demand generation

  • Address unique reporting needs, including data fields, rules, and formats.
  • Autogenerate reports based on each state’s unique triggering events to ensure state-specific timelines are always met.
  • Access pricing, product, and other required data via integration with Model N Revenue Cloud and other systems.

Legislation repository

  • Configure legislation rules based on state specific regulations.
  • Update rules as regulations change or new states enact laws.

What-if analysis

  • Analyze potential downstream impacts of future pricing or product events, such as price increases or new product launches.

US States have enacted Drug Pricing laws since 2016


State Price Transparency Management brings key features together to deliver operational excellence

Legislation Repository

Configure and manage each state’s unique transparency requirements

Report Template Repository

Define and store reports that provide all required data in the proper format


Report Scheduler

Define the date specifications and rules for each required report



Promote cross-departmental visibility and track approvals


What-If Analysis

Simulate pricing events and determine impact on reporting

Model N’s State Price Transparency Management is the only solution that automates the entire end to end process from Legislation Management through Report Generation


Turn a manual, labor intensive process into an automated, seamless one

  • Avoid costly fines due to late-arriving or missed reports
  • Provide proof of report submission and reproduce any report on-demand
  • Never miss a price increase or product launch event
  • Spend more time analyzing impact of price increases and less time on report formatting and generation
  • Single, Integrated Platform: Integrate State Price Transparency Management with your Model N Provider management solution

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