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Mitigate compliance risk and improve commercial performance

Model N helps you effectively collaborate and gain access to skills; improve efficiency and data quality; and stay up to date with the latest technology.

Everything you need to succeed

data grid


Close resource gaps with our specialists, who have backgrounds in government programs, commercial contracting, finance, technology, and data analytics – all delivered through a managed service.

channel management


Increase processing efficiencies and improve financial performance by leveraging our deep understanding of procedure and the correlation between third-party contracts and government programs.

funds management


Achieve data security, scalability, and highly efficient data processing through our multi-services, cloud technology platform.


Risk mitigation

Effectively assess risk to understand implications and build methodologies to mitigate risk and increase oversight.

Transform your business

Avoid having to invest in hiring resources, creating best practices, or managing technology. Our end-to-end solution helps you better run your business, and our advisors and pricing and contracts operations team work with you to solve contract complexities, close resource gaps, and address technology limitations.

System independence

  • Achieve data security and scalability with a hybrid cloud-based, multi-services platform.
  • Minimize user wait times with state-of-the-art parallel data processing and no software upgrades.

Unprecedented insights

  • Integrate commercial and government data and analytics to identify risk, improve product pricing, and analyze business challenges.
  • Turn complex transactional data into meaningful business insights that support strategic decision-making.
  • Apply intellectual property and trade secret protection.

Constant state of compliance

  • Easily configure the system to meet regulatory changes that impact your business.
  • Integrate compliance across all lines of business.
  • Reduce the instances of corporate integrity agreements (CIAs), fines, and reputational damage.

Better business performance

  • Improve commercial strategies spanning pricing and contract effectiveness, to supply chain and trade relations.
  • Increase efficiency by spending less time dealing with manual processes, and disparate reporting.
  • Gain strategic business insights to improve forecasting, mitigate risk, and achieve greater profitability.

Drive growth and market share

Mountain ranges in Kashmir

Model N combines our government pricing, commercial contracting, and analytics applications with specialized expertise in finance, data analytics, and managed services to bring you an end-to-end solution that mitigates risk and improves commercial operations.

Mountain ranges in Kashmir

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