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Managing GPOs, IDNs, and agreements with healthcare providers is a cumbersome, manual process

  • Spreadsheets and siloed, aging systems make tracking customer purchasing behavior and price-tier commitments difficult.
  • A lack of visibility can impact your ability to make informed business decisions, correctly calculate chargebacks, validate sales and ultimately protect your bottom line.

How Model N’s Provider Management solution helps you

With Provider Management, you can administer accurate pricing and chargebacks, ensure compliance to price-tier commitment and mitigate rebate overpayments.


Improved margins

Proactively address customer purchasing behavior to ensure they meet their contract commitments.

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Reduced risk

Monitor contract net prices daily or on-demand to identify and prevent possible regulatory compliance issues.

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Better collaboration

Coordinate back and front office information to create advantageous contracts and ensure compliance.

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Clean first-pass rates

Accurately calculate all types of rebates, fees, chargebacks, distributor commissions, and accruals to reduce churn and protect provider revenue stream.

98 %

With clean, accurate data in a single solution, manufacturers can reach greater than 98% clean first-pass rates in processing chargebacks in accordance with Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) best practices

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Interact seamlessly with your providers

Model N Provider Management helps you effectively manage and execute the thousands of institutional contracts you have – so you can ensure feasibility and profitability.

Contract and price management

Define and update all pertinent details of your contracts (e.g., effective dates, eligible products and pricing, rebates, customer eligibility, terms and conditions).

Advanced member management

Model N’s new Advanced Membership Management (AMM) module provides streamlined roster import process with reusable mapping sets and data transformations, smart matching utilizing complex algorithms to identity matches and assign members, and instantly publish to Model N’s Provider Management application and assign eligibility for pricing, compliance and rebates and fees.

Federal supply schedule compliance

Track entities, monitor prices, manage and resolve violations, and adhere to request for modification (RFM) policy and processes.

ERP integration

Ensure customers get the right price the first time with real-time integration into your order and billing systems.

Contract compliance

Review customer purchasing activities at any point in time to determine whether they are meeting contract commitments.

Rebate management

Track, validate, and accurately process from simplest to most complex rebates, incentives, fees, and accruals.

Streamline and automate your entire revenue management process

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Model N Provider Management is a core component of Model N’s Revenue Cloud, a suite of the most comprehensive solutions to address the needs of life sciences companies.

  • End revenue leakage in provider contract pricing and rebating processes.
  • Optimize 100% of your global revenue with detailed visibility across all channels.
  • Ensure adherence to complex government pricing regulations.
  • Provide more strategic incentives in the provider channel.
  • Quickly and easily adapt to industry changes.
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