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Modernizing Your Rebate and Incentive Strategy

High tech buyers demand a consumer-like approach and traditional B2B models are switching to a more B2C consumer-centric approach. Do you have the right strategy to succeed with your channel rebates and incentives?

The high tech market is valued at $5.2 trillion with at least 70% of its revenue coming from indirect channels. However, there’s a disruption in the market.  High tech buyers demand a consumer-like approach and traditional B2B models are switching to a more B2C consumer-centric model. Do you have the right strategy to succeed with your channel rebates and incentives?

Watch this on-demand webinar as Gloria Kee, Director of Product Management and David Johnson, Sr. Director, Product Marketingsubject matter experts from Model N, share how to: 

  • Reduce overpayment to channels by 10%-20% on average 
  • Reduce program costs by as much as 50% 
  • Increase deal value by 2%-5% 
  • and more … 

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