Provider Management

Maximizes revenue by eliminating revenue leakage and significantly reducing risk of government non-compliance throughout the institutional contracting process.

$11B is Lost Annually for Incentives and Rebates in the Pharma Industry

Group purchasing across providers and regions, hospital and pharmacy consolidation, and generic price competition are eroding profitable commercial sales and challenging effective GPO, IDN, hospital and pharmacy contracting.

To succeed in this highly competitive and complex area, pharma manufacturers need infrastructure that allows them to easily:

  • Structure and create performance-based contracts and innovative incentives
  • Offset revenues compromised by competition
  • Ensure they are paying the correct amount of rebates and that contract terms are being enforced

Get Full Control of Your Gross-to-Net

Model N’s end-to-end commercial pharma revenue management suite is the only integrated software solution that manages customer and channel pricing, contracting, rebating, chargebacks and embedded analytics throughout the product lifecycle and across your organization.


Biotech Leader Replaces Dozens of Legacy Platforms with Integrated Solution to Drive Better, Faster Decisions

Solutions that Impact Your Top Line

Model N offers an integrated suite of applications and industry best practices that helps life sciences companies maximize their revenue and reduce revenue leakage risk by managing every dollar that impacts their top line.

Model N leverages its deep industry expertise to support the unique business needs of life sciences companies in more than 50 countries.


Evaluate Provider Management

Model N guarantees measurable ROI through a combination of embedded industry best practices and tools, contract controls, real-time optimal pricing, complex discounting capabilities and gross-to-net analytics.

Why Model N Provider Management

Model N International Commercial Pharma is the only comprehensive enterprise solution focused on managing the complex pricing, contracting, incentives and rebating needs of pharma companies of all sizes around the globe.

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