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  • Easy to use, cloud solution
  • Quickly create contracts from templates and clause library
  • 1 click quote to contract generation from Model N and Salesforce CPQ
  • Create contracts directly from Salesforce accounts and opportunities
  • Proactive recommendation for next best action to move the agreement forward
  • Full support of Microsoft Word for document creation and red lining with customers
  • Automated version control with audit trail
  • Searchable terms and clause library with drag-and-drop insertion
  • Automatically import 3rd party agreements
  • Graphical tracking of contract lifecycle processes
  • Intelligent Approvals with conditional routing logic and ad-hoc flexibility
  • Electronic signature
  • Intelligent dashboards provide visibility into renewals, contract metrics and contracting tasks
  • Analytics identify risk from non-standard clauses and terms
  • Easy search for specific clauses and terms across contracts
  • Automates the creation of packages containing multiple associated documents
  • Secure, centralize, searchable template and contract repository
  • Flexible support for multiple contract types and their unique lifecycle processes
  • Track compliance to the contract over the duration of the agreement.
  • Amend contracts over the life of the agreement
  • Proactively initiate the renewal process based on the last amendment.
  • Automate contract template administration and maintenance
  • Seamless interoperability with Model N CPQ, Rebates, Intelligence
  • Salesforce native and seamlessly extends Salesforce CPQ


  • Accelerate sales cycle times with 1-click quote to contract, next best action recommendations, automated workflows, and version tracking
  • Shorten contract approval times with mobile-enabled approvals and visibility to approval status
  • Reduce errors and risk exposure with standardized templates, clause and term library, automated version control and audit trail
  • Maximize lifetime value of the agreement with instant insight into performance against contractual commitments and potential new opportunities
  • Improve renewal rates and revenues with proactive alerting and recommendations
  • Gain insight into contract KPIs with comprehensive contract analytics and data mart
  • Enhance governance with clear contract processes and controls
  • Reduce the effort and cost of audits
  • Simplify administration and lower cost for IT
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