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Government Pricing (GP)

Maximizes revenue by significantly reducing risk of fines, penalties, and damage to brand equity due to non-compliance with U.S. federal statutes.


Maximizes revenue by eliminating revenue leakage and maintaining government compliance by ensuring only valid rebate claims for U.S. Federal and State programs are paid on time at correct rates.

Manage an unprecedented frequency, uncertainty and complexity
in reporting requirements

Federal and state governments have produced a complex array of drug pricing regulations which continue to present increased challenges for biopharma manufacturers.

Increased legal scrutiny and resulting civil and criminal fines by the government have brought a sense of urgency to the issue of government compliance.


Be compliant by accurately
and efficiently calculating
government prices

This solution efficiently adapts to rapidly changing government pricing mandates and regulations, and ensures accurate payments. Get repeatability, traceability and reproducibility of every calculation — while aligning with your commercial strategy.

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Evaluate Government Pricing and Medicaid

Model N has vast experience working with pharmaceutical companies to create their business case. Sign up today for a complimentary regulatory health systems’ check-up to see how prepared your organization is to deal with the rapidly changing regulatory environment.

Why Model N Government Pricing and Medicaid

Model N Government Compliance is the only solution that enables organizations to:

  • Flexibly and easily create new price types and formulas that adhere to government pricing regulations
  • Preview the effect of regulatory changes on pricing and rebates through a robust set of financial analysis tools
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