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Government Pricing (GP)

Maximizes Revenue by reducing risk of fines and brand equity damage by ensuring compliance with U.S. Federal statutes.



  • Pre-configured price types
  • Formula builder to model price-types
  • Transaction level visibility
  • Best price price points and rebate stacking
  • Define product blending for relabels, authorized generics, linked NDCs and custom packs
  • Genuine fide service fees and fair market value filtering
  • Bundle reallocation visibility


  • Accurate calculations for every transaction, price, rebate, and adjustment that can impact monthly and quarterly reporting of BP, AMP, ASP, NFAMP, FCP, and PHS
  • Restate prior periods with multiple policy support
  • Major rule changes are delivered quickly and efficiently with RUPs, or regulatory update packs, to guarantee customers stay completely up-to-date
  • Enable business model optionality with support for complexities such as product blending for relabels, authorized generics, linked NDCs, and custom packs
  • Reallocate complex discount bundle situations through easily configurable rules
  • Operational compliance with audit trail, reporting and analysis
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