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Improving Margins with Model N Channel Management

Increase visibility into channel design registrations, improve the ease of doing business with the channel and reward demand correctly

  • Establish effective channel management processes with your distributors, delivering a shared, data-driven view of channel pricing and inventory.
  • Improve the ease of doing business with your channel partners by accelerating deal cycles and ensuring accurate payments
  • Create and manage state-of-the-art channel programs that delight both your partners and your end customers.
  • Increase the accuracy of channel inventory tracking by receiving quality data from the Model N Channel Data Management cloud.
  • Eliminate margin leakage by using channel inventory to constrain usage of special pricing authorizations in real time


  • Design Registration: Enables channel partners to register designs and create activities
  • Ship and Debit Processing: Automatically validate channel sales data against authorized debits
  • Process Credit claims quickly and accurately
  • Channel Inventory: track channel inventory levels to determine inventory deferred revenue, eligibility for debits, and available quantity and value
  • Price Protection: accurately determine which distributors and inventories are eligible for credits when revising pricing
  • Stock Protection: automate the governance of stock rotation with eligibility rules and distributor RMA request processing
  • Inventory Aging: dynamically apply pricing policies based on inventory lifecycle / age
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