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Model N Market Development Fund Management

MDF Management empowers control of your MDF funds, partner enrollment, partner plans, claims, and payments – while optimizing profitability of your marketing spend.


Flexible. Automated. Reliable.

Model N MDF Management provides you with the flexibility to track proof of execution, manage channel self-service plans and claims, and generate timely ERP payments. That’s the end-to-end process that gives you maximum control of profitability for all your MDF and Co-Op investments. Model N MDF makes it easy for you to do business with your channel partners and align your goals with manufacturer objectives.

  • Automate management of marketing funds from creation to payment
  • Directly engage partners, from adoption to compliance tracking against agreed upon MDF initiative objectives
  • Enable partners to define marketing plans within manufacturer’s constraints, execute, provide proof, claim, and receive payment
  • Align Marketing incentives with Sales incentives and results by using with Model N Rebate Management


  • End-to-end process management from fund creation to claims approval and accurate ERP payment generation
  • Track adoption, execution, and compliance for all your MDFs with proof of execution
  • Fully automated partner engagement via secure access to community portal
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