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Transforming relationships into revenue

Companies are using Salesforce to align sales, marketing and services to build closer relationships with customers. Model N Revenue Management for Salesforce empowers companies to maximize revenue from their customer relationships by enhancing the Salesforce Customer Success Platform.

Built on Salesforce
For Salesforce Customers

The Model N Revenue Cloud leverages native Salesforce application design and ensures seamless interoperability with the Salesforce lead to cash applications.


Enhancing Salesforce Quote to Cash

Empower sales to drive more revenues by streamlining the proposal and negotiation process and enabling the addition of deal modeling and what if analysis integrated with the quote. Watch the demos for Authoring and X-Data.

Streamline Contract Approvals
Right In Salesforce

Improve contracting standards, version control and auditing while keeping all your contracts right in Salesforce. Speed up approvals with digitally automated contract negotiation, approvals and signature.

Add Distributor Rebates
to Salesforce Community

Build distribution channel loyalty , while tying incentives more closely to actual revenues with rebates.
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Model N solutions transform the revenue lifecycle from a series of disjointed operations into a strategic end-to-end process.

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Unifying Salesforce and SAP for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation injects new technology in to the corporate IT landscape. Salesforce has become a leading platform for digital transformation for many companies that have SAP investments. But this is posing integration challenges as companies find that critical data required to achieve effective transformation is locked in the corporate SAP systems. Learn how to unify the two worlds of SAP and Salesforce in our latest whitepaper.


Transforming Customer Engagement
in The Contracting Process

For many companies, contract processes are manual and labor intensive a roadblock to transforming the customer relationship. Contract solutions have been back-office record keeping systems, limited to legal users and lacking integration with the rest of the company. Today Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) is evolving into an enabler for digital transformation, connecting the company directly with their customers. Learn more about how CLM can enable businesses to drive growth in our latest whitepaper, “Moving from Reactive to Transformative: the Value of Integrated Contracting”.

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