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CDM Impacts your bottom line

Model N CDM automates the process of collection, cleansing, validation and standardization of channel partner data, such as POS, inventory, and claims. With Model N you can:

  • Maximize channel revenue by increasing your channel sales by up to 10%
  • Decrease internal operational costs by 70%
  • Eliminate 7-figure overpayments for credit claims, rebates, and sales compensation
  • Accelerate decision making with accurate market data
  • Closely track actual sales against opportunities, quotes, and contracts
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Model N solutions transform the revenue lifecycle from a series of disjointed operations into a strategic end-to-end process.

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Single Source for Accurate Channel Intelligence

Once data is collected from your channel reporting partners in the Model N CDM Cloud, it is validated, enriched, and consolidated, dramatically increasing the usefulness and quality of partner data. Customers referenced in feeds are matched against the 28+million entities in the CDM Directory. Data such as POS and Inventory is now ready to be fed to your execution systems without any manual rework. In addition:

  • POS data is seamlessly integrated into Salesforce and maps to existing opportunities and accounts
  • Powerful dashboards track operational and business measures including partner scorecards
  • Sales, Marketing and Finance teams access near real-time channel POS data for forecasting

CDM seamlessly integrates with Model N Revenue Cloud and Rebate Management for tracking usage and compliance, as well as payments against actual transactions. Now you can make better decisions while reducing overpayments to the channel and lowering operational costs.

CDM Operations Manager™

CDM Operations Manager™

  • Products are aligned with the manufacturer master data
  • Customers are matched against the 28+million entities in the CDM Directory
  • Transaction data can also be enhanced with partner-specific pricing in any currency, validated serial numbers
  • Channel sales information can be enriched with vertical market segmentation and customer specific attributes

CDM Inventory Manager

CDM Inventory Manager

  • Calculate inventory variance based on sales-in and sales-out
  • Automatically account for in-transit product
  • Search, sort and reconcile inventory variances
  • Drill down into transaction detail to research and understand the cause of variances

CDM Discount Manager™

CDM Discount Manager™

  • Eliminate over discounting through near real-time analysis of partner discount trends, special discounts, and commissions on net price
  • Automate tracking of sales results against special price quotes.
  • Customize programs based on partner tier, business model and product line.
  • Maximize profits by paying commissions and discounts only on net price.

CDM Sales Credit Assignment

CDM Sales Credit Assignment

  • Pay Channel Account Managers & Manufacturer Reps faster and more accurately
  • Show real-time sales performance against quota and percent obtainment
  • Automatically calculate sales commissions by complex splits between reps, cross territories and n-tiers of reporting partners based on performance, all with 100% accuracy

CDM For Salesforce<sup>®</sup>

CDM For Salesforce®

  • View accurate, real-time, channel POS and inventory data within Salesforce using familiar reports and tools
  • Track unmatched products and transactions that need immediate attention, thereby increasing sales efficiency
  • Discover new and unlinked accounts and remove duplicate entries in Salesforce accounts using CDM tools
  • Close the deal registration loop by automatically correlating the actual POS shipments with deal registrations made by your distributors and resellers

CDM Analytics

CDM Analytics

  • The Channel Sales dashboard allows analyzing sales by reporting partner, end customer geography, reseller, and end customer
  • Sales Trends displays sales information including cumulative sales, thus allowing period-over-period comparison of sales performance
  • Sales Mix allows you to view sales mix across product families/lines/SKUs.
  • Product Mix enables analysis of product mix by partner type and end customer
  • Segment Mix allows classifying and segmenting by end customer and industry segment


The Model N CDM Tools contain several applications for current CDM customers. These applications allow customers to access, edit and analyze their channel data, and contact the CDM support team. Additionally, Manufacturers’ partners (distributors and resellers), can learn more about how to utilize DataConnect and download the Model N DataConnect software.

CDM Tools

CDM Tools contains links to the CDM Workbench (exception handling), Dashboard (analytics), and Support (the CDM Helpdesk).


DataConnect is an installable tool that automatically extracts sales data for a specific manufacturer, processes and formats the data to meet a manufacturer’s requirements, then sends the data to the manufacturer’s data collection portal.

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