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Model N Deal Intelligence

Gain control over price concessions and determine ideal prices using data and analytics by leveraging Model N’s Deal Intelligence

Improve Margins and Deal Turn Around Time

Model N Deal Intelligence brings real-time, operational business intelligence to the price negotiation process with advanced customer and quote analysis functionality designed for the high-tech industry. It empowers your sales and marketing staff to maximize profit from each transaction by providing interactive tools that analyze relevant customer, price, margin, win/loss, and competitive data to provide price guidance at the point of negotiation. With access to real-time data and the ability to drill into granular transaction-level details, sales and marketing managers can evaluate more quotes faster without leaving money on the table.


Customer Analysis. Quote Analysis

Model N Deal Intelligence ensures accurate, deal specific pricing. It enables you to identify and remove roadblocks by analyzing processes.
Customer Analysis provides users with a comprehensive view of the customer account at the point of transaction, enabling sales and marketing managers to assess customer value and providing a foundation for pricing decisions. Key features include:

  • Revenue and Profitability Trends
  • Customer Comparison
  • Customer Compliance
  • Business Analysis

Quote Analysis provides a real-time analytical view of all relevant deal information, enabling sales and marketing staff to maximize the profit and potential for winning each transaction while providing an audit trail for all pricing decisions. Key features include:

  • Price Win/Loss Analysis
  • Price Guidance
  • Detail Quote Comparison
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Model N solutions transform the revenue lifecycle from a series of disjointed operations into a strategic end-to-end process.

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Free 2-day Value Discovery Workshop Building your business case

On every $1B in sales, semiconductor and component companies lose millions annually to lost opportunities, poor volume and price compliance, channel overpayments and other forms of price erosion. Model N offers a free 2-day value discovery workshop where you are empowered with the knowledge to:

  • Uncover gaps in business processes and tools compared to industry best practices
  • Point to areas of opportunity for business improvement
  • Make recommendations on how the company can value business

Why Model N Deal Intelligence

Model N’s Deal Intelligence is ideal for High Tech companies with overwhelming number of special pricing requests that make it difficult for marketing and sales personnel to consistently determine optimal pricing for each transaction. Limited access to real-time critical data required to analyze a customer and the metrics of a specific discount can cause companies to erode margins by as much as 3%. With Model N Deal Intelligence you can:

  • Gain actionable insight
  • Improve margins
  • Increase responsiveness
  • Reduce deal cycle time
  • Win more profitable deals
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