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Model N Deal Intelligence

Gain control over price concessions and determine ideal prices using data and analytics by leveraging Model N’s Deal Intelligence

Improve Margins and Deal Turn Around Time

Model N Deal Intelligence brings real-time, operational business intelligence to the price negotiation process with advanced customer and quote analysis functionality designed for the high-tech industry. It empowers your sales and marketing staff to maximize profit from each transaction by providing interactive tools that analyze relevant customer, price, margin, win/loss, and competitive data to provide price guidance at the point of negotiation. With access to real-time data and the ability to drill into granular transaction-level details, sales and marketing managers can evaluate more quotes faster without leaving money on the table.

  • Help pricing negotiators define the right target price, and approvers quickly evaluate and take the right pricing decisions on price requests.
  • Automatically quantify deal quality by calculating deal score, presenting recommended pricing/distributor cost, and enabling what if scenarios.
  • Deliver interactive, contextual analytics to place deal scoring in the context of relevant customer, product, and transaction dimensions
  • Provide a data-supported audit trail for each pricing decision.
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Model N solutions transform the revenue lifecycle from a series of disjointed operations into a strategic end-to-end process.

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  • Deal Score: deal quality assessment based on a relevant deal score uniquely configurable for your business needs
  • What-If Analysis: define various scenarios to determine best price (margin / compliance)
  • Price Scatter: compare with pricing on recent, similar Quotes and Contracts, showing price for current deal in context
  • Part Trend: compare product price for current vs. other customer groups/segments
  • Customer Performance: review revenue, profit, contract/quote volume compliance, quote closure rate
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