Configure Price Quote

Close bigger deals faster with an enterprise-grade, Salesforce-native CPQ solution that streamlines the entire quoting process and enables your reps to quote more easily and accurately, from any device


Sell Faster, Smarter and Close More Deals

Elevate your entire sales team’s game with a CPQ solution that shortens sales cycles and closes more deals by enabling reps to quickly identify customer needs, determine the right products and prices, and build optimal solutions. Guided Selling allows reps to quickly navigate complex product catalogs, avoid configuration errors, and create winning quotes. Built-in CPQ Intelligence provides actionable insights that dramatically raises Sales IQ, helping sales reps maximize revenue, grow margins, and increase win rates.

Maximize Revenue and Profit Margins

Increase deal size with up-sell and cross-sell recommendations while configuring solutions that meet your customer’s specific requirements. Create discounting rules and pricing guidelines to protect profit margins and leverage quote gross-profit analysis and comparisons to quickly and easily view revenue and profitability of a quote and alternative quotes.


Maximize Sales Productivity and Minimize Bottlenecks

Streamline the entire quoting process to deliver faster responses and shorten sales cycles by increasing sales productivity and minimizing bottlenecks in the quoting process. Model N CPQ simplifies and accelerates the quoting process with Guided Selling, approval workflows, redlining in Microsoft Word®, and the ability to quote in Microsoft Excel®. Model N CPQ also has an patented performance architecture that delivers sub-second response times even when scaling to thousands of users developing large and complex configuration models.

Empower Sales by Unifying Salesforce and SAP

Model N CPQ is out-of-the-box ready to leverage information about products, prices, and business logic stored and maintained in SAP and SAP Variant Configuration (VC), putting the accurate product and pricing information your sales reps need at their fingertips. Quotes created in Salesforce can be converted into fully functional orders in SAP, enabling a seamless, quote-to-cash solution that fully bridges the gap between Salesforce and SAP.


Key Features:

  • Product catalog
  • Product change management
  • Multi-currency price list and pricing rules
  • Guided Selling
  • Modeling and rule administration
  • Approval workflow
  • Proposal generation with redlining in Microsoft Word
  • Installed Base Management
  • Service contracts renewal for installed base
  • CPQ data mart and analytics
  • Partner portal
  • Interoperability with SAP

Enterprise-grade, Salesforce-native CPQ that empowers your sales team to close bigger deals faster by quoting accurately from any device. For more information about Model N CPQ, please contact us at

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