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Revenue Cloud for Pharma

Revenue Cloud for Pharma helps pharmaceutical companies maximize revenue at every point in the commercialization process specifically by:

  • Providing the power to optimize 100% of global revenue and the flexibility to continuously adjust throughout entire product lifecycle
  • Ending revenue leakage in payer and provider contract pricing and rebating processes
  • Ensuring adherence to complex government pricing regulations are met
  • Providing detailed visibility into managing gross-to-net across channels

Global Pricing Management (GPM)

Maximizes revenue by enabling users to optimize and protect prices globally throughout the entire lifecycle of the products.


Global Tender Management (GTM)

Maximizes revenue locally, regionally and globally by enabling best opportunity segmentation and targeting, optimal bid pricing considering competitor intelligence, M.E.A.T. scoring and price leakage risks, flawless bid administration that eliminates the risks of disqualification, and post award tracking to manage the contract lifecycle and maximize the award value.



Maximizes revenue by streamlining and shortening the sales-to-contract lifecycle and significantly reducing risk in commercial audits.


Payer Management

Maximizes revenue by eliminating revenue leakage, and significantly reducing risk of government non-compliance throughout the PBM and Payer contracting process.


Provider Management

Maximizes revenue by eliminating revenue leakage and significantly reducing risk of government non-compliance throughout the institutional contracting process.


Government Pricing (GP)

Maximizes revenue by significantly reducing risk of fines, penalties, and damage to brand equity due to non-compliance with U.S. federal statutes.



Maximizes revenue by eliminating revenue leakage and maintaining government compliance by ensuring only valid rebate claims for U.S. Federal and State programs are paid on time at correct rates.



Maximizes revenues by improving decision making with accurate and up-to-date insights on key growth measures such as gross-to-net prices, contract performance, and sales rep effectiveness.

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