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Price Intelligence

Quickly identify price, margin, and revenue trends using price analysis enabled by price intelligence software.


Price Intelligence leverages the end-to-end business transaction pricing lifecycle within the Model N Intelligence Cloud to quickly identify price, margin, and revenue trends:

  • Spot at-a-glance margin and revenue issues in easy to use dashboards
  • Drill down into issues and opportunities
  • Identify root cause using the Price Waterfall and other tools


Smarter pricing decisions become easy when you have control of the end-to-end business transaction pricing lifecycle. Quickly identify price, margin, and revenue trends:

  • Profitability Dashboard: spot at-a-glance margin and revenue issues, drill down and identify root cause using Price Waterfall charts
  • Price Distribution (Channel / Direct) Dashboards: measure the impact of outlier prices on overall profitability
  • Price Bands: show prices grouped in bands, measure absolute and percentage margin and revenue contribution


Maximize the investment in the only revenue management solution for your industry with the only Intelligence Cloud solution that enables you to:

  • Increase profitability by easily identifying problem areas and margin opportunities
  • Understand which steps in the revenue lifecycle, from price tables and pricing rules to contracts, quoting are leaking margin
  • Compare channel efficiency across multiple dimensions, such as geography, product family, end customer segment/industry
  • Identify outliers across channel and direct business, understand the reasons behind price inconsistencies


Smarter pricing decisions can only be made when supported by an intelligence cloud solution that reflects your industry pricing processes and practices. Price Intelligence reflects your channel-driven pricing out of the box, showing how revenue and margin flow across a multi-tiered pricing lifecycle so that you can quickly identify price, margin, and revenue trends.

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