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Channel Data Management

Gain intelligent insights, data granularity and performance consistency of your indirect channel using channel data management software.

The Power To Do More in Your Sales Channel

Model N’s Channel Data Management solution provides manufacturers with visibility into every facet of their channel including distributors, resellers, ODMs, OEMs, and end-customers. Utilizing cloud-based technology and automation, organizations have near real-time insights to anticipate shifts in channel business and ever-changing global markets.


CDM Validates Bottom Line Impact

Model N CDM offers the industries most automated process in organizing, standardizing, validating and enriching your channel data. With CDM you can:

  • Maximize channel revenue by gaining real-time visibility and granularity into channel sales and inventory.
  • Create better alignment between marketing, channels and end customers.
  • Decrease operational costs for partner management by up to 70%
  • Spot sales and marketing trends and anomalies across regions, territories, and accounts.


CDM allows you to reap the benefits of accurate, consistent and actionable channel data. The CDM solution is an easy to implement and scalable option. It is a cloud solution that helps you protect your investment by avoiding upfront hardware and license costs, and reduces the demand on already stretched internal resources. CDM also provides:

  • Timely, consistent, accurate automated channel data with limited human intervention
  • Streamlined, efficient, easy to do business with channel partner onboarding process
  • Unrivaled and state-of-the-art, patented data cleansing, matching, validation, and data enrichment
  • Actionable channel insights delivered via modern analytics and dashboards to evaluate channel performance

What our customers say

“We now have an effective and measurable way to manage the channel. Model N’s CDM solution made us much more proactive in our approach to working with our partners.”

Ron Ryan

Senior Vice President, Global Channels and Operations, Cambium Networks

“Model N helps us manage our global channel so we can drive more revenue.”

Senior Manager, Worldwide Channel Management, AMD

“Model N brings a systematic approach to the commission process. In the past everything was calculated manually. We would transfer the data to our Controller, but the Controller had no tool to check the data. Today every transaction is accurate and it’s easy for the Controller to do an audit.”

Heribert Hochrinner

Global Channel Partner Manager, Ams AG

“We’ve seen a big increase in the timeliness and quality of data from Model N. We’ve been able to shorten our calculation times on many of our financial requirements, and our executives are much happier with the decisions provided from the data.”

Jeff Penner

Business Intelligence Manager, Enphase Energy


By design, Model N CDM brings an adaptable, cloud-based architecture to industries such as yours. Our solution, team and industry experiences have been successfully implemented and used in High Tech industries including Semiconductor and Electronic Component Manufacturers as well as Industrial Product Manufacturing, Life Sciences and others with low to no impact and higher results.

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