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Revenue Cloud for High Tech


Sales, Finance, and Channel executives continue to look for ways to improve how their organizations manage revenue. The complexity of their product catalogs, sales operationsroutes to market, incentive programs, and global business makes efficiently executing on the billions of revenue execution moments accurately and quickly an arduous task. Most organizations can analyze what has happened in the past but are unable to manage their gross-to-net in real time actively.  This complexity has created topline revenue and margin erosion for most high tech manufacturers.  By turning to the Model N Revenue Cloud for High-Tech Manufacturers, organizations have been able to: 

  • Increase topline revenue by 2-3% 
  • Improve margins by 3% 
  • Eliminate overpayments by 5% 
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Product Solutions for Semiconductor and High-Tech Manufacturing

Channel Management

Allows High Tech companies to streamline channel transactions with an end-to-end solution for design registrations, price protection, stock rotation, ship and debit, inventory aging.

Channel Data Management

Model N CDM automates the process of collection, cleansing, validation, standardization, and enrichment of data for your High Tech channel partners, such as POS, inventory, and claims.

Deal Intelligence

Deliver real-time intelligence to sales at the time of contract and quote creation, and be in the driver’s seat at negotiation time.

Deal Management

Take control of your sales process with seamless pricing, quoting, and contracting. Learn how our deal management software can increase revenue.

Market Development Fund Management

Model N MDF for High Tech automates the management of MDFs to reduce operational costs. Assure partner participation and manage overspending MDF’s self-service portal and visibility into the accruals of Co-Ops.

Price Intelligence

Quickly identify price, margin, and revenue trends using price analysis enabled by price intelligence software.

Rebate Management

Model N Rebate Management for High Tech set effective and scalable rebate programs with the only enterprise grade, proven rebates solution to increase channel engagement and reward actual results.

We Create Value for Our Customers

Revenue Cloud for High Tech

Model N Revenue Cloud customers improve top-line revenues and profit margins by implementing Moden N solutions across their entire revenue cycle. These clients are able to:  easily configure and quote complex products, quickly come to terms on complicated contracts, have more accurate and timely channel data ensuring visibility into complex channels, efficiently manage incentive programs avoiding overpayments and monitor performance so that they can continuously make improvements. Model N customers see positive results quickly and are able to consistently improve over time.

What our customers say

"Model N provided us with the ability to see price and margin across the complete network as well as identify where we can most effectively keep margin."

Fred Jones

Director, North America Sales Operations, Avago Technologies

“We now have an effective and measurable way to manage the channel. Model N’s CDM solution made us much more proactive in our approach to working with our partners.”

Ron Ryan

Sr. Vice President, Global Channels and Operations, Cambium Networks

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