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Whitepaper: What Do Channel Partners Really Want?

The Partner’s Perspective on “Incentive Program Best Practices

Your channel sales account for an average of 60% of your revenue. With worldwide IT spending expected to reach $3.8 trillion in 2014, that adds up to an impressive $2.3 trillion in channel sales revenue for the year. So, why does it seem so difficult to grow sales through your channel?

Success in your channel depends on your relationship with your partners. Too often vendors focus on the wrong things when trying to grow their channel sales. Model N surveyed 102 senior channel distributor and reseller executives to uncover what they believe to be the key factors for channel success.

Without shared, accurate, timely sales performance results, both vendors and partners are at best — guessing about what is effective. The key is communication and information sharing between partners and vendors. Download this whitepaper to learn about the Best Practices, as defined by channel partners, for vendor/partner relationships with an emphasis on how to create an effective incentive program. It is time to stop guessing.

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