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Revenue Management in Life Sciences: The Benefits of a Cloud Computing and SaaS Approach

For life sciences, supply chain networks and compliance constraints are complex and may include manufacturers, wholesalers, pharmacy benefit managers, and hospital and pharmacy chains operating in multiple pricing scenarios. Revenue management software helps manufacturers make sense of the players in the supply chain as well as related public and private payer formularies, government entities, 340B covered entities, and other stakeholders. These systems, when offered as a SaaS configuration, provide life science companies with consistent and up-to-date revisions and features, allowing them to take advantage of the most current technology consistently across divisions and locations, without costly infrastructure capital investments.

Model N conducted a Q&A with Michael Townsend, research director, life sciences commercial strategies at IDC to get his take on the cloud model specific to revenue management. Download the analyst connection to get IDC’s SaaS insights to help you navigate your revenue management future.

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