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Model N’s Guide to Ship and Debit

The harsh reality for most high tech, semiconductor and electronic components manufacturers is they are facing a growing revenue execution crisis. 1-2% of total company revenue is lost through incentive over payments, 30% of end-customer pricing decisions leave money on the table, and there is an estimated $2B worth of revenue leakage across the semiconductor and electronic components manufacturing industry.

The strategic question to be asked is: How do sales leaders maximize revenue at speed and scale across billions of revenue execution moments every day? At Model N we believe that a Price Management solution that integrates Global Ship and Debit programs into the process is the only long-term strategy that addresses today’s complex problems.

Global Ship and Debit programs, when done correctly, can:

  • Increase channel revenue and wallet-share of end customers
  • Allow you to rapidly manage price changes in response to end customers
  • Improve channel and distributor engagement by improving inventory management and reducing their overhead
  • And more …

Download Model N’s Guide to Ship and Debit to learn more.

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