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Winning Life Sciences Tenders in 2021 and Beyond

Learn how to build a formula that’ll improve tender profitability and win rates.

Tenders drive as much as 85% of revenue in the medtech industry and 40% of revenue in pharmaceuticals. Creating winning tender strategies is key to increasing market share and establishing and retaining market leadership.

Companies that focus on streamlining the tendering and bidding process win more. Join us for a virtual session to learn strategies to optimize your bids, streamline processes, and improve collaboration and visibility across the tender lifecycle.

Identify strategies and solutions that will enable you to:
• Identify tender opportunities that are the right fit, early.
• Resource plan so that you can respond to tenders quickly.
• Access historic and competitive data to develop better pricing.
• Develop and collect win-loss data to better inform future bids.

Register today to get a head start building a formula for 2021 that’ll improve tender profitability and win rates.

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