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Tender Early, Tender Often, Tender Better: Win More with Global Tender Management

Watch this webinar for insights on how to win from successful tender management strategies.

Tenders are becoming an increasingly important revenue stream for Life Sciences, making up close to 25-40% of pharma and up to 80% of medtech revenues outside the US. Pharma and medtech companies who learn how to make the most of tender opportunities, while streamlining processes to compete effectively, have the most to win from successful tender management strategies. Attendees at this webinar will:

  • Learn how increasing visibility into tender opportunities can optimize the tender management process
  • See how successful organizations have reduced the cycle time for responding to tenders
  • Learn about tender management strategies that makes the most of available tools and resources

Attendees will also experience a preview of new technology and integrations that address tender management as well as insight into global tendering KPIs that can be used to help better manage your business. The net impact is improved overall tender profitability and win rates.

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