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Commercial Compliance Excellence for Medtech: A Revolutionary Approach

Learn how Boston Scientific Corporation and Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems Inc. put their compliance data to work.

Commercial compliance has historically been an arduous and disconnected process. Hear how two medtech industry leaders adopted a new commercial excellence process leveraging compliance data to add competitive advantage and grow their businesses. Learn how connecting front office pricing and quoting operations with back office contract management and compliance processes can elevate your compliance management practice and increase revenue margins by an average of 2-4%.

Matt Anglin, Group Director, Pricing Analysis at Boston Scientific Corporation, and Lee Whitehurst, Group Director, Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems Inc., join Model N to share their insights and best practices.

  • Challenges with traditional commercial compliance management
  • Shifts in processes and strategies to better connect the front and back office
  • Tiered pricing strategies

You’ll also learn strategies from Model N solution experts to enable cohesive front office and back office processes by: measuring and enforcing tiered pricing; using analytics; and empowering sales teams, finance, and business executives with real-time visibility into compliance data.

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