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2020 State of Revenue for High Tech

Learn key findings from high tech executives surveyed on the state of revenue for high tech in 2020.

Despite recent advancements in technology, executives agree that revenue management has grown increasingly more complex—and the potential impact of revenue issues is estimated to be in the trillions of dollars for the high-tech industry. Hear from industry experts as they present key findings from the 2020 State of Revenue Report—a compilation of findings from a recent survey of 306 C-level executives responsible for revenue management in the high tech, semiconductor, and electronic components manufacturing industries.

During this on-demand session, Chanan Greenberg, SVP & GM High Tech at Model N and Syed Alam, global leader of Accenture’s semiconductor practice, will discuss how revenue management challenges are having a serious impact on business success and how companies are responding.

Listen to this insightful conversation, including such topics as:   

  • How executives are dealing with revenue management challenges
  • What areas of revenue management companies can improve
  • What role technology plays
  • Best practice approaches to improving revenue management

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