General Information

Q: What is Rainmaker?

A: Rainmaker is Model N’s annual celebration of customers, industry leaders and partners who come together to learn how Model N enables high tech companies to deliver life-changing products to the world. Attendees will gain valuable insights into how Model N can enable companies to drive growth and market share while minimizing revenue leakage throughout the revenue lifecycle.

Q: I didn’t register ahead of time for the event. Can I still access the on-demand sessions?

A: Yes. The on-demand sessions are available in the Resources section of the Model N website. Select Rainmaker21 LIVE from the Resources menu. You can then filter by Industry to choose the High Tech sessions only.

Session Questions

Q: How do I view the on-demand sessions?

A: All Rainmaker21 LIVE High Tech registrants, as well as anyone who did not register for the event, now has access to the on-demand sessions. In order to access the sessions, you need to go to and click “Rainmaker21 LIVE” under the Resources tab. You can then filter by Industry to choose the High Tech sessions only to view.


Q: I attended 3 or more sessions. How do I find out more about the special promotional offer that was being offered, and if I won the Sonos® speaker?

A: All winners have already been chosen and we have contacted them . For the additional promotional offer you will be contacted by a Model N representative after the conference. Please contact your Model N rep if you have not heard anything from them by mid-April.

For any additional questions, please contact us at