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Rebate Management Solution & Processing Software

Model N’s Rebate Management solutions allow you to align your partners and customers with your sales goals and maximize your revenues.


Smarter Rebate Processing. Better ROI

Model N Rebate Management & Processing software enables you to easily create and roll out effective rebate programs to reduce upfront discounts, mask end-user pricing and increase the bottom line.

Model N’s Rebate Management software is ideal for companies in various industries such as High Tech manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), industrial manufacturers, and wholesale distributors selling a broad and complex catalog of products directly to customers and through channel partners. Your organization will benefit from Model N Rebate Management if you need:

  • Ability to use incentive programs based on volume commitments
  • Align incentive programs with your strategic priorities
  • Manage hundreds of channel partners with ease due to rebates unmatched scalability
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Model N solutions transform the revenue lifecycle from a series of disjointed operations into a strategic end-to-end process.

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Model N Rebate Management: All-in-one Solution

When used within the pricing, quoting and contracts management process, Rebate Management reduces channel incentive overpayments by up to 20% and improves margins. Rebate Management supports programs with millions of line items, to align channel partner incentives with manufacturer’s strategic priorities.

360° Strategic Visibility

360° Strategic Visibility

Enables a complete view of rebate and channel incentive programs across the organization for a particular partner or customer

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Significantly reduces the manual administration required for enabling successful rebate programs and frees up your Operations and Finance teams

Reduce Revenue Leakage and Increase Sales

Reduce Revenue Leakage and Increase Sales

Enables organizations to more accurately track, calculate, and manage rebate programs



Seamless Workflow

Integration, eligibility, and cross-functional validation with CPQ, Contract Management, Global Pricing Management, and Accounts.

Rebate Performance Dashboard and Analytics

Evaluate rebate program effectiveness, sales uplift, and rebate earnings progress on any attribute or parameter and analyze back to any historical period.


Partner Collaboration

The Model N Community Portal makes it easy to communicate performance goals, rebate earnings progress, and payments to partners.

Fast Processing and Scalability

Run automated daily or on-demand rebates and incentive earnings and payment calculations across as many as five million transactions in less than one minute. The Rebate Management big data calculation engine can process hundreds of millions of transaction lines in minutes.


Transparency Balanced With Control

Balance transparency with control over data visibility and handle approvals and overrides at the program, earnings, and payments levels by channel, sales, marketing, finance, and operations managers.

Comprehensive rebate program definition

Define multiple and comparative performance and compliance goals within a rebate program with over 200 different rebate and incentive configurations including volume, growth, tiered, step, and direct and indirect customer rebates to specify targeted goals.


Powerful Rebate Processing

Automated daily or on-demand rebate and incentive earnings and payment calculation across 5 million transactions in under a minute.


Calculate hundreds of millions of transaction lines in minutes.

Schemaless Extensibility

Utilize any new data source or enhance existing transactions, point-of-sale, and inventory data sources.

Payment Flexibility

Make payment calculations that can be both related to but independent of rebate program earnings to enable early payments and payment rollups for matrixed sales and finance organizations.


Why Model N Rebate Management?

Model N offers comprehensive revenue management solutions, delivering measurable advantages over siloed rebate management solutions that limit visibility, workflow support, and benefit synergy.

Key Benefits:

  1. Increase topline revenue by 1-3% by using performance-based incentives for channel partners
  2. Implemented as a standalone solution or as an integrated solution with Model N Revenue Cloud
  3. Maximize margins by eliminating incentive overpayments, and providing visibility to profit impact of rebate programs
  4. Maintain higher pricing by preventing price gaming by contract manufacturers
  5. Maximize effectiveness by exposing rebate programs’ financial performance
Rebate Management
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