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Optimize channel revenue with better data automation

Turn channel data management into a competitive advantage

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“Improved channel data means better trust, collaboration, and bottom lines. Better data quality and processes improve decision-making, channel advocacy, and profitability.”

– Forester Opportunity Snapshot, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Model N

Streamline and automate channel data with Model N

Model N Channel Data Management is the robust solution that brings greater confidence to every revenue decision by delivering information that’s more than 98% accurate. That means you can better forecast trends, process accurate incentive payments, and reduce administrative challenges.

Channel Data Management’s self-service portal makes it easy for your channel partners to interact with you – reducing your team’s workload and increasing partner satisfaction.

Turn Channel Data Management into a Competitive Advantage

Learn how you can improve your channel data management processes to drive growth, optimize revenue, and improve the partner experience.

Topics covered will include:

  • Key takeaways from research recently commissioned by Model N on managing data in today’s ever-changing channel ecosystem
  • How to use automation to enrich and standardize channel data to achieve at least 95% accuracy
  • Ways you can improve communication and processes to provide a better partner experience
  • Why you need an insights feedback loop to optimize revenue and profitability


Diodes uses channel insight to optimize revenue

To extract daily insights from their data, Diodes turned to Model N Channel Data Management. And the investment paid off. Accurate, timely data helped Diodes increase revenue by 15.2%.

Your single source for channel intelligence

Channel Data Management collects, standardizes, validates, and enriches your point-of-sale, inventory, and claims data, so you can:


  • Make better, more informed decisions
  • Optimize incentives and promotions
  • Track channel sales and inventory against deals, rebates, debits, and contracts
  • Reduce overpayments and fraud in the channel

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Turn channel data into a competitive advantage

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