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Best Practices for Managing Channel Data

Learn How to Optimize Channel Sales and Revenue

With high tech companies generating 70% or more of revenue through indirect channels, managing data with spreadsheet and human resources is no longer an option. Model N found via research that 80% of data that comes from channel partners is bad.

Gathering accurate, consistent, and granular point-of-sale (POS), inventory, claims and SISO data from the channel is a challenge for even the best of companies.

Channel Data Management (CDM) is gaining rapid acceptance to grow business in multi-tier distribution organizations, and the starting point for any effective solution is automating data collection and partner management.

In this new ebook, you will learn:

  • Building channel partner trust opens the door to better channel data
  • Visibility and communications eliminate channel partner onboarding and resource issues
  • Clean, enriched, and consolidated channel data provides vast insights into managing channel revenue and growth
  • Portals provide partners with greater visibility and manufacturers with improved partner scorecards

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