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Market Development Fund Management

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Market Development Fund Management

MDF Management enables companies to increase revenue and partner participation. Increase MDF efficiency and align with your channel partners.

Streamline Your MDF Management

Model N’s MDF Management enables companies to increase revenue by reducing revenue leakage by streamlining the MDF management process, increasing partner participation through a self-service portal and aligning your channel partners.

Market Development Fund Management


Model N MDF Management provides you with the flexibility to track proof of execution, manage channel self-service plans and claims, and generate timely ERP payments. That’s the end-to-end process that gives you maximum control of profitability for all your MDF and Co-Op investments. Model N MDF makes it easy for you to do business with your channel partners and align your goals with manufacturer objectives.

  • Automate management of marketing funds from creation to payment
  • Directly engage partners, from adoption to compliance tracking against agreed upon MDF initiative objectives
  • Enable partners to define marketing plans within manufacturer’s constraints, execute, provide proof, claim, and receive payment
  • Align Marketing incentives with Sales incentives and results by using with Model N Rebate Management

Product Features

  • End-to-end process management from fund creation to claims approval and accurate ERP payment generation
  • Track adoption, execution, and compliance for all your MDFs with proof of execution
  • Fully automated partner engagement via secure access to community portal


Model N MDF enables customers from various industries such as High Tech manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), industrial manufacturers, who offer MDFs to increase the effectivity of their market development funds. Model N MDF provides:

  • Visibility into the earning of Co-ops
  • A self-service portal to increase partner participation and receive on-time payments
  • Mobile workflows so that approvers can approve on the go
  • Automation to speed the time to value of a MDF


Rebate Management

Model N MDF for Manufacturing aligns channel partners to your corporate goals by tracking proof of execution and controlling the marketing activities of your partners with its integration of Rebate Management.

Channel Management

Integrated channel management brings the best of inventory and pricing processes – design registrations, price protection, stock rotation, ship and debit and inventory aging accurately delivered by aligned and enriched POS and inventory data from your partners.

Channel Data Management

Channel Data Management (CDM) brings intelligent insights, data granularity and consistency into the performance of your indirect channel. CDM automatically organizes, cleanses, validates, standardizes and enriches your channel data including point-of-sale (POS), inventory and claims. CDM meets the challenges of growing top line revenue, maintaining strong partner relationships and ensuring partners and sales are compensated quickly.

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