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Configure Price Quote (CPQ) EU


With Model N’s CPQ solution, direct and partner sales teams across Europe and the world are quickly creating accurate, tailored quotes to provide customers with an effortless sales experience.

Key Features

  • Out-of-the-box integration with Salesforce
  • Out-of-the-box integration with SAP and SAP Variant Configuration
  • Guided selling
  • Intelligent Cross Sell
  • Product and model versioning
  • Advanced price administration and management
  • Easy and intuitive administration and maintenance
  • SAP master data synchronization
  • SAP order data integration
  • Smart approvals
  • Proposal generation and redlining in Microsoft® Word
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Excel
  • Service contract renewals
  • Install-base configuration
  • CPQ Intelligence and Analytics
  • Partner portal
  • Lightning-enabled
  • Increase effectiveness – Deliver a winning experience with the ability to quickly build accurate quotes using SAP data, convert quotes into contracts and orders right from Salesforce
  • Respond quickly – Being first with an accurate quote is key to delivering the experience today’s B2B buyers expect. Automating the sales process increases accuracy and speed ensuring the sales team delivers a winning proposal ahead of the competition.
  • Omnichannel experience – Extend configure, price, quote capabilities to direct sales, partner sales and e-commerce enabling customers to buy through their preferred sales channel.
  • Drive intelligent solution sales – Guided selling, intelligent cross sell and advanced pricing management ensure the most complete, tailored solution for every quote.
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Model N solutions transform the revenue lifecycle from a series of disjointed operations into a strategic end-to-end process.

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Create Accurate quotes Quickly

Model N CPQ makes the entire quoting process faster and easier, whether your organization operates solely in European countries or internationally.

  • Increase productivity – Rapidly build quotes, even for products requiring complex configuration
  • Be error free guided selling enable sales reps to rapidly navigate complex product catalogs and avoid configuration errors
  • Respond quickly – Accelerate approval processes while ensuring governance and compliance
  • Automate proposal generation and deliver branded professional looking quotes every time
  • Convert quotes into contracts and orders right from Salesforce
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Word and Excel


Model N CPQ uses machine learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques to proactively guide sales reps and e-commerce customers to the right products and pricing for an optimal, tailored solution.

  • Maximize opportunities – Deal intelligence proactively identifies renewal and contract performance opportunities
  • Simplify solution selling – Intelligent cross-sell proactively recommends relevant products

Protect profits with prescriptive pricing – Leverage quote profit analysis and comparisons to rapidly and easily view the revenue and profitability of a quote and alternative quotes



Simple and intuitive maintenance and administration reduce the time it takes to bring new offers to market. In today’s hyper fast environment, any delays with getting the product out to the sales teams and on the website means lost sales. Model N CPQ’s easy and intuitive administration means your Salesforce administrator can easily setup and maintain the CPQ environment, quickly make changes to tailor offers for specific regions and customers and ensure the sales team is always quoting the most current offers.


Model N CPQ’s unique ability to provide out-of-the-box integration with Salesforce and SAP simplifies and accelerates implementations, delivers a modern user experience and enhances the ROI of those investments:

  • Single system of record, no data replication with SAP master data synchronization
  • Common security, workflow and UI
  • Out-of-the-box integration with SAP Variant Configuration, pricing and order submission
  • Product and model versioning

No custom integrations and seamless upgrades

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