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Contract Lifecycle Management

CLM software streamlines your entire contract lifecycle. Initiate, approve, track, and manage contracts in a cloud-based solution.

Accelerate contract creation, management and renewals

Digitally transform the contract process to simplify contract creation and management, facilitate internal collaboration, and reduce risk exposure for the company. Cut review and approval time for all types of contracts – sales agreement, service SLA, MSA, NDA, and SOW – and enable sales and legal teams to close more business.



Manage the entire lifecycle of contracts and agreements with an enterprise-grade CLM that is both easy to use, and scales in performance to meet the needs of the largest global companies. Enable rapid collaboration across sales and legal teams, and with customers, using standard MS Word documents in a secure, mobile-friendly solution. Model N CLM streamlines the contracting process with comprehensive capabilities:

  • Quickly create contracts from templates and clause library
  • Supports users working in Microsoft Word for document generation, red lining with customers, and automated version control with audit trail
  • Searchable terms and clause library with drag-and-drop insertion
  • OCR support for automated import of 3rd party and legacy agreements
  • Graphical tracking of contract stages and guidance on next actions
  • Support for complex approval flows and integration to eSignature solutions
  • Track compliance to the contract over the duration of the agreement
  • Amend contracts over the life of the agreement
  • Built native on Salesforce, seamlessly interoperable with Model N CPQ, Rebates, Salesforce Sales Cloud, and Salesforce CPQ

CLM for Life Sciences, with one-click automation between Payer and Provider Management, guides the negotiations that will drive contract execution of included price and rebate programs and their complex measurement and discount terms. This is further enhanced with key operational information such as real-time prices and eligible contracts during contract authoring. Any changes to a contract can be initiated in either CLM, Payer or Provider.



Model N CLM transforms the contract lifecycle from a mostly manual, back-office process, into a key component of a faster, smoother, digitally enabled sales strategy. Incorporating familiar MS Word documents as the basis for review and collaboration, Model N CLM enhances ease of use as it streamlines the contract process.

  • Accelerate sales cycle times with 1-click quote to contract, next best action recommendations, automated workflows, and version tracking
  • Shorten contract approval times with mobile-enabled approvals and visibility to approval status
  • Reduce errors and risk exposure with standardized templates, clause and term library, automated version control and audit trail
  • Maximize lifetime value of the agreement with instant insight into performance against contractual commitments and potential new opportunities
  • Improve renewal rates and revenues with proactive alerting and recommendations
  • Gain insight into contract KPIs with comprehensive contract analytics and data mart
  • Enhance governance with clear contract processes and controls
  • Reduce the effort and cost of audits
  • Simplify administration and lower cost for IT

What our customers say

“After conducting a thorough evaluation, we chose Model N as our trusted strategic partner to support our growth, execute innovative contractual relationships with key customers, and maintain regulatory compliance.”

Robert Matsuk

President, North America and Global API Business, Glenmark


Combined with the industry specific capabilities of Revenue Cloud for MedTech, High Tech or Manufacturing, manufacturers are able to streamline and automate the entire quote-to-cash process throughout the organization. From sales and marketing, to contract operations, to finance and legal, Model N Revenue Cloud is the most effective industry solution available.



Extend Revenue Cloud’s CPQ, CLM and Rebate Management with Microsoft Excel to enable data manipulation, modeling and offline use. Use Excel’s easy spreadsheet format, while ensuring Revenue Cloud security and user controls are still enforced.

X-Data Designer

Empower systems administrators to easily create and modify secure, custom Microsoft Excel templates for use with Model N X-Data extensions to Revenue Cloud.

Intelligent Approvals

Simplify and speed up approvals for even the most complex proposals and contracts by leveraging system intelligence to accelerate workflow, automate routing, enable line level approvals, and provide real-time visibility into status.

CLM Intelligence

Provide instant, visual status on critical contract KPIs to sales, legal and management including open contracting tasks, contract execution metrics, renewal schedules, and exposure from non-standard terms and clauses.

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