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Maximize channel revenue through our holistic channel cloud which includes POS data management, rebate management, and MDF management.

MDF, Rebate, POS Data Management Solutions

Seamlessly integrated channel management. The Model N Channel Cloud provides an end-to-end solution for Channel Data Management, Channel Incentive Management, and Channel Inventory Management. When combined these products allow channel sales organizations to:

  • Increase Channel Sales through near real-time visibility into channel POS and Inventory
  • Improve channel and end customer alignment
  • Drive Incentive programs that increase channel engagement and drive actual results
  • Eliminate incentive overpayments
  • Reduce operational costs
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The Model N Channel Cloud was designed from the ground up to be an integrated solution that manages key aspects of the channel sales revenue cycle. By combining Channel Data, Marketing and Channel Incentives, and Inventory the Model N Channel Cloud is able to increase revenues and improve margins.

  • Channel Data Management – accurate and timely automated channel data
  • Incentives MDF/Rebates – Automation of MDF and Rebate calculations and payments speeding time to valueChannel
  • Management – Design registration and channel inventory management are just a few of the advanced capabilities

Channel Data Management

Automatically collect point-of-sale (POS) data: inventory, sales-in, sales-through, sales-out & other channel data from all of your partners.

Market Development Fund Management

Control your MDF funds, partner enrollment, partner plans, claims, and payments.

Rebate Management

Set effective and scalable rebate programs with the only enterprise grade, proven rebates solution to increase channel engagement and reward actual results.

Channel Management

Manage inventory and pricing processes: design registrations, price protection, stock rotation, ship and debit, and inventory aging from POS data.

What our customers say

“Model N brings a systematic approach to the commission process. In the past everything was calculated manually. We would transfer the data to our Controller, but the Controller had no tool to check the data. Today every transaction is accurate and it’s easy for the Controller to do an audit.”

Heribert Hochrinner

Global Channel Partner Manager, Ams AG

“We now have an effective and measurable way to manage the channel. Model N’s CDM solution made us much more proactive in our approach to working with our partners.”

Ron Ryan

Sr. Vice President, Global Channels and Operations, Cambium Networks

“Model N helps us manage our global channel so we can drive more revenue.”

Senior Manager, Worldwide Channel Management, AMD

“We’ve seen a big increase in the timeliness and quality of data from Model N. We’ve been able to shorten our calculation times on many of our financial requirements, and our executives are much happier with the decisions provided from the data.”

Jeff Penner

Business Intelligence Manager, Enphase Energy

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