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Scaleable, effective education for everyone on your team.

Learning isn’t a one-time event. Mastering new software and staying updated with industry changes is a process, one that leads to new opportunities to maximize your revenue and scale at speed.

Never stop learning.

Automatically updated Customer Learning Libraries help keep everyone informed.

Our Learning Libraries give your entire team the chance to learn what they need, when they need it using a flexible platform that combines extensive Model N knowledge with your internal resources. Good answers and smart solutions are always just a click away.

  • Onboard new hires with ease
  • Prevent knowledge gaps when employees depart
  • Personalize your team’s learning paths, assessments, and certifications
  • Stay informed about industry news and new releases

Get more information on our Learning Libraries here.

Bring the knowledge straight to you.

Get started with remote, live sessions in our Virtual Labs.

Live training doesn’t have to involve flying out an instructor or hosting a big event. With Virtual Labs, you get access to our most popular courses delivered live online by industry experts.

  • Improve retention of materials with live learning and self-paced exercises
  • Available for individuals or small teams

Always stay up to date.

Access the Advanced Topics and other Premium Content to stay informed.

Nothing stays the same forever. As both your industry and your business needs change, you need a tool that changes with you. Model N’s Advanced Topics – like all the content – are available by subscription and released regularly, meaning that you always have the most recent industry and product-specific information at your fingertips.

  • Learn how your peers are using Model N
  • Refocus on industry best practices
  • Discover new tools and strategies
  • Get briefed on the latest Model N releases

Get a personalized training environment.

Experiential Learning gives your team an education experience they won’t forget..

People learn best when they’re fully immersed in the subject matter. With Experiential Learning, your team has the opportunity to work through exercises and activities designed to teach them how the product works.

All product training courses include the following:

  • Use cases tailored to your business’s needs
  • Real-world scenarios
  • Relevant and engaging demonstrations
  • Activities purpose-built to complete in your training environment

Study at your own pace.

Browse our online, self-paced e-learning offerings.

Model N provides our customers and partners with a comprehensive set of courses, in a variety of formats. Click here to see the full list of courses. Our courses are highly modular, so learning can be tailored to your exact needs. And if you need learning to be further customized to your business processes, please know that we are experts in custom content development, so we can create anything you need to fuel your team’s success.

What our customers say

Our organization is new to Model N so we have been using the new Learning Library extensively. We like that the site isn't static; the material is kept up to date and relevant to our training requirements. From an admin standpoint the system is easy to navigate and the dashboards help us easily manage our teams.

Lizzie Geismer

Model N Project Lead, AVX Corporation

Model N’s Educational Services team is just a click away.

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