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The growing complexity of customer data and the time and resources required to maintain it manually make it difficult for life sciences organizations to keep it consistently accurate and updated. The result? Lost revenue and strained customer relationships.

Unlock new levels of efficiency and compliance with Model N Syndicated Customer Master

What if you could be certain that your decisions are always based on accurate customer data? Now you can. Syndicated Customer Master, a new solution from Model N, was created to put an end to customer data management challenges. It seamlessly integrates into Model N Provider Management and third-party data sources to provide life sciences companies with an evergreen database of validated customer identifiers and affiliations, ensuring the maintenance of data integrity over time. Watch this webinar to discover the key functionalities, unique features, and industry-specific solutions that make Syndicated Customer Master an indispensable tool for optimized revenue.

We’ll explore how Syndicated Customer Master enables you to:

  • Eliminate the need to manually verify entities, saving your team hours of research time
  • Achieve full accuracy in customer data, reducing the likelihood of revenue loss, non-compliance, and operational inefficiencies
  • Prevent ineligible customers from receiving ineligible discounts, rebates, and pricing
  • Ensure customers get the right price right from the start, increasing customer satisfaction

Featured Speakers


Manish Kumar

Sr. Director, Product Management

Model N


Casey Hibbs

Sr. Director, Data Strategy

Model N

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