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Model N Contract Lifecycle Management Datasheet

Authoring for Salesforce CPQ

Model N Rebate Management Datasheet

Are You AMP-Ready Infographic

Relational Contracting: The Promise and the Pitfalls

Using Rebate and Incentives Management to Drive Channel Revenue

Model N’s Revvy Rebate Management enables you to define any rebate program, track and calculate rebate earnings and accruals on transactions, point-of-sale, inventory, or any data set, and provides visibility across your organization, partners and customers.

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Optimizing Channel ROI – Breaking Down the Walls

Winning More Deals with an Improved Tendering Process Webinar

Watch this informative webinar to learn how to better prioritize sales pipelines, improve internal alignment and create more winning bids.

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Improve Partner Relationships Globally Using CDM – Webinar

Unifying SAP and Salesforce with CPQ to Maximize Revenues – Webinar

Increasing Your Design Funnel with Revvy Sales CRM

The Clock Has Struck – AMP(lify) Your Knowledge

The AMP Rule is finally here – Learn about the impact it will have on your business.

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Maximize Selling Time and Revenue: Corning and Revvy CPQ

Hear how Corning has benefitted from using Revvy CPQ to accelerate their sales quoting and contracting processes.

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5 Things Global Pricing Leaders Do To Manage Prices Globally